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The Teacher,Susan Duan, said in brief after the completion of chanting the “Sutra of the Original Vows of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva”---"Where is the darkness? In the heart! When the heart is in the gloomy swamp, even if the external environment is happy and bright, you will still feel like struggling in the dark and can’t move even a step. Instead, if the darkness in the heart is illuminated, even if the surroundings are ups and downs, we will still have the strength to face the external challenges and be able to move forward steadily. " 


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The Teacher then led everyone to think and answer, “Then, what should we use to illuminate the darkness?” Someone said wisdom, someone said the light of the Buddha, someone said compassion...The Teacher said, all of the above are right, they are the manifestations of the Buddha nature and the Dharma nature. And then the Teacher explained that after chanting the Sutra and holding the holy name of the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, she led us to meditate and experience the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva’s light projecting into our heart, it was a kind of practice process which was in the subconscious state to make our heart be illuminated and awake the wise Buddha nature which we have already had. And indeed, in such state of meditation, some people said they felt serene and being blessed, some said they felt calm and comfortable, and there were even some hearing the wise guidance of solving their inner confusion.


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It was under the guiding and teaching of the Teacher that we understood more clearly how to improve and enhance our energy frequency and open our inner wisdom through such Sutra chanting and meditation. The attendants were all full of joy and gratitude that they could benefit themselves and dedicate the merits to their friends, relatives and sentient beings in the solemn Dharma Assembly.


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(more photos of the Dharma Assembly  are at http://pureclassroom.pixnet.net/album/set/16525278 )


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