In recent months, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the studies of the Classroom and Association have been changed to be held online. Everyone is so grateful that we can still hear the Teacher, Susan Duan, teaching the Dharma online in these turbulent times, and we treasure such a precious blessing of learning the Dharma more. On the eve of Mother's Day this year, it happened to be the online study, the Teacher specially led us to chant the“Pure Conduct" of the “Avatamsaka Sutra” to return the merits to all mothers in the world and all sentient beings in the six realms. The Teacher said that in fact, in an infinite number of eons, all beings had been our mothers.






When the study was coming to a close, we gave the Teacher a surprise with singing, cards, flowers, wishing our dear Teacher, our mother of the Dharma, good health, accomplishment of the activities of benefiting beings, every wish comes true, Happy Mother’s Day, happy every day! Thank you very much for your selfless and boundless love, we love you~~






Here only listed two students as representatives, with words of sincere blessing to the Teacher:  






Dear Teacher:

I am so grateful for your love and teaching. I have been staggering all the way. Thank you for guiding me to move forward with wisdom and compassion. It is really a blessing to have your wisdom and correct views which can make us get back on the right path when we were at a loss.

Thank you for making me find my own way after going through my own life events and be more relaxed and happy. I am grateful that you have done so much for us. On this special day, wishing you a safe and healthy life, everything you want all fulfilled, writing and publishing go well, the activities of benefiting beings accomplished, and Happy Mother's Day!      


Best wishes,

Mai- Yin



















Dear Teacher,

Learning with you over the years,

irrigated by you,

you teach us to use the Dharma to live and do things in life, and you also help us understand how our habits created karma.

Thank you for always guarding and supporting us through each level,

When we were in ignorance and attachment, you have never given up us;

If I didn't meet you in this life, I can’t imagine how long it will be, even how many lives I would live in pain and darkness...

Thank you, Teacher, my mother of the Dharma.

On this special day, I would like to express my infinite gratitude to you, and I hope that you will be in good health and all your wishes come true.

~Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day~


Cordially yours,







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