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* 因場地空間因素,名額有限,請儘早報名。

* 由於尚在疫情期間,參加人員請全程配戴口罩。


Happy 7th anniversary of Pure Classroom and 4th anniversary of the Association of Pure Buddhist (APB)!  The Association will hold a Dharma Assembly of chanting the three chapters of “Avatamsaka Sutra”: “Pure Conduct, Brahma Conduct and Discourse on Samantabhadra’s Beneficence Aspirations.”  “One does not know how rich Buddhism is unless one study Avatamsaka Sutra.” Avatamsaka Sutra is the first great sutra, the way to become a person with full awareness (the Buddha), taught by Sakyamuni Buddha after he achieved full awareness. To dedicate all merits of chanting the aforesaid three chapters to the Dharma realms and all sentient beings. Welcome to attend the Dharma Assembly and receive the Dharma benefit!


◎  Time: November 28, 2020, Saturday, 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm

◎  Location: The APB Study(near MRT Wenhu Line Technology Building Station)

◎  Registration Period: as from Today to 12:00 pm on November 26, 2020, Thursday


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* Due to the limited space, the quota of people is limited. Early registration is highly recommended.

* During the epidemic prevention period, please wear a mask throughout.



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