Year-End Donation 2020 (2)



* 財團法人佛教僧伽醫護基金會

* 財團法人無國界醫生基金會

* 社團法人中華民國阿彌陀佛關懷協會

* 私立弘化同心共濟會(施棺捐款兩單位)

* 社團法人台北市新活力自立生活協會

* 台灣導盲犬協會

* 社團法人台灣動物緊急救援推廣協會
In the end of year 2020, the Association did year-end donation to seven organizations:

* Sanga Health Care Foundation

* Médecins Sans Frontières(MSF)/Doctors Without Borders

* Amitofo Care Centre

* Honghua Masonic(donation for 2 coffins),

* NewVitality Independent Living Association

* Taiwan Guide Dog Association

* Animal Rescue Team TAIWAN

Thank the founder of the Association, Teacher Duan, for teaching and leading us to practice the Buddha Dharma in our lives very much, and we are so grateful that we can have the field of merits to do our best to practice getting rid of our greed for money and donating to the Sanga, the sick, the orphan, the poor, the disabled and animals, without any discriminations of religions, races and borders, sowing the seeds of becoming the Buddha for ourselves.




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