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This lecture, the Teacher gave the speech on chapter 6 “The Praise of the Tathagata” of the “Sutra of the Original Vows of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva” which not only demonstrates the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva’s compassion and convenience to enlighten the sentient beings with the dialogue between the Bodhisattva named Universally Vast and the Shakyamuni Buddha, but also gives a convenient way for the sentient beings of all kinds of needs (for example, women who don’t want to be born again as a woman, women who want to be a good-looking woman, people who have long-term illness, people who are in horror because of dreaming ghosts and spirits, people who are born as slaves or painful people in a state of non-freedom, and people who have newborns at home) to get rid of difficulties or getting peace and happiness.    


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Although the things that have been said in the Sutra has its background, the Teacher explained the truths behind the words of the Sutra with her wisdom and skillful means to enable the listeners to realize the truths and use them in our lives at this time to eliminate the negative inner feelings for ourselves, cultivate wisdom, and develop the path to happiness.


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And at the beginning of “Chapter 7: Benefiting the Living and the Deceased”, the Teacher especially explained the profound in simple terms about what is “the mental stirring and thoughts of living beings are always wrongdoings. Although now and then they (may generate virtuous thoughts) and gain good benefits, they mostly retreat from their initial resolve.” What the Teacher taught not only made us not feel heavy but also made us want to protect our initial heart of “eagering to understand, be free and calm and happy” in delight.


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(more photos of the Lecture are at http://pureclassroom.pixnet.net/album/set/16393544 )

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