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In this lecture, our Teacher Susan Duan, continued to teach the “Chapter 11: The Dharma Protection of the Earth Spirit” and the “Chapter 12: The Benefits from Seeing and Hearing”. Because what the two chapters illustrated the Dharma more by things, the Teacher elaborated on the rationale behind the things so that we could understand the Dharma rationally and apply it to the ever-changing things in life. For example, the so-called Guardians of the Buddhist Dharma seem to guard us; in fact, what they guard is the "Dharma", if we practice and live with the Dharma taught by the Buddha, the Guardian of the Dharma will naturally guard us to come across many good conditions in the path of life, learning the Dharma, and cultivating the minds.

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Thanks for the blessing from the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Thanks for APB’s founder, Teacher Susan Duan, keeping teaching and leading us so that we can practice Dharma through various activities and events held by the Association. We could then, with sincere heart, firmly walk on the path to enlightenment to propagate the Dharma and benefit sentient beings and feel great happiness. Thanks for the enthusiastic participation of directors and supervisors. The 2nd meeting of second board of directors and supervisors was held smoothly and successfully!


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In the study of all members, the Teacher led us to sit in meditation and guided us to listen to the subject reltated to "wish" in our minds in the subconscious situation.

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段老師 撰

by Teacher Duan



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學生 琬婷 撰

by student, Wan Ting

回想2014年我初找老師做潛意識探索處理,因為體會到了身心前所未有的鬆綁與自在,決心繼續跟隨老師學佛,至今三年多,隨著與老師學習及相處時間的累積,讓我有機會不只從諮詢室、固定研習課堂上,更從平常生活的細節中進一步地認識了老師,而從老師身上看到了,佛法並不是高高懸掛的理論名詞,而是真正能被運用在生活中,讓自己愉悅自在,也能真心關懷、溫暖他人的方法。 因此我想從生活觀察的角度向大家介紹---我所認識的  段貞夙老師。

I still remembered that when I first met the Teacher, Ms. Duan, for the subconscious consultation in 2014. When feeling the mentally and physically free, I resolved to follow the Teacher to learn the Dharma. Until now, it has been more than three years, as time goes by, the more time I get along with the Teacher, the more I know the Teacher from daily life details. Due to the cherish chance, from the Teacher, I see that the Buddha Dharma is not abstruse theory but the method which can be used in our everyday life not only to save ourselves from vexation and make us delight, but also enable us to give others warm care from the bottom of our heart. Therefore, from my observation of daily life where I got along with our Teacher, I would like to sincerely introduce to you our Teacher, Susan Duan.


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◎ 時間:1081130日(六)下午  2:00 - 4:30

◎ 地點:協會書房(近「科技大樓」捷運站)

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☛ 時間:民國 108 年 11 月 16 日(六) 下午1:30-5:00

☛ 地點:協會書房 (近「科技大樓」捷運站)

☛ 報名方式 (電話報名或線上報名皆可)

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祝福您    教師節快樂!


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Before this lecture, the Teacher especially sent us a LINE message a few days ago to inform us that we will learn the very important "Chapter 10: Comparing the Conditions and Virtues of Giving" in the coming lecture. So we all came with delightful and joyful heart on this day.


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