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The Teacher was doing some preparation behind the curtain.




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In the study of all members, the Teacher led us to sit in meditation and guided us to listen to the subject reltated to "wish" in our minds in the subconscious situation.

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It has been a long time since last time we had the study of all members (we normally have small-group learning in every month), so we were much looking forward to the study this month because there was an opportunity for us to discuss across our own group and spark different ideas and mental gains under the Teacher’s  designing of the study and guidance. 


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On the afternoon of September 17, 2017, the sun of the autumn was accompanied by gentle wind, warm but not hot. In the study of the Association of Pure Buddhist were there students whose moods were as bright as the sunshine greeting with a long-awaited study!




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Following from the observation practice of last time, this Study of All Members was designed by our Teacher Susan Duan helped us find the problems in our mind through the gap between our observation and the reality so that we can antidote them. Therefore, we realized that “All things were created by our mind”. And what kind of life will the muddy and unstable heart bring to us?




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At every Friday night, the Association of Pure Buddhist (APB) regularly enables people to settle their mind and body and practice meditation in the APB study.


After going through hard working for one week, modern people like us can have such peaceful time and space at Friday nights to practice harmonizing the body and the mind under the blessing of the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha, how wondrous it is!


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In the afternoon of May 6, 2017, it was breezy and pleasant, the much-anticipated fourth study for the students of all classes was finally coming!  When the Teacher Susan Duan told us that it would be an outdoor and practice study which would make us go out from our familiar classroom, and apply the methods which we had learned from the previous studies---“The way to eliminate the huge gaps between our impressions of things in mind and the reality---to resolve the endless troubles we made to our interpersonal relationship and daily life.”  Only when the methods of cultivating our heart are really used to the living environment, they are useful to resolve our vexation in daily life.  All of the students anticipated the content of this study excitedly.


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In the beginning of spring, the much-anticipated study for the members was finally coming!  In retrospect, the last two dynamic studies which were exclusively designed for students by Teacher Susan Duan were one and only among studies of other places.  In the process of dynamic observation and practice, all the students suddenly realized that our hearts in daily life are constantly in a state of chaos---no wonder there always were huge gaps between our impressions of things in mind and the reality.  And such gaps made trouble to our interpersonal relationship or daily affairs.  During the study, students also practiced adjusting mind with useful methods the Teacher taught us.


This study was continuation from the study of the end of last year---”Overcome The Gap Between Impression Of Things In Mind And Reality”. In the beginning of the study, the Teacher asked about what students had experienced by practicing the methods to observe and adjust our own heart in daily life during the period from last class through now.  All shared their own discoveries enthusiastically---“Although I am very busy in working, my heart can be free from being interrupted by surroundings and established a rapport with people at work.”, “When my heart became stable and calm, it was amazing!  I could sense surrounding people’s magnetic field of emotions, and my mind still be able to stay calm.”  Our Teacher taught again that Dharma is not profound theory to be shelved, but wisdom which is useful be applied to life.  Only by practicing Dharma in life can you feel how the Dharma benefits others and yourself.  So making students use what they have learned, it is why the Teacher gave homework to students.    


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