祝福您    教師節快樂!








愛您的學生 敬上



To our beloved Teacher,


Wishing you Happy Teacher's Day!


We are deeply grateful to you, you have been making so great efforts on teaching us and giving us so much for these many years, even though we are so stubborn. Thank you so much, we will continue to walk forward, never forget our original intention of learning the Buddha Dharma from you


We deeply admire and praise your compassion and wisdom, making us, our relatives and friends, and even other many sentient beings feel the unconditional and abundant love of the universe and benefit from the Buddha Dharma. And when we see your virtue and talent, we sincerely hope to equal you. We will learn with our all efforts and hope to have one ten-thousandth of your goodness…We are so grateful that you have never given us up , so we also will not give ourselves up. We are willing to learn the Dharma with a pure heart and insist to the end.


Wishing our dearest Teacher Happy Teacher's Day! Wishing you safe and healthy and all your hopes come true soon!



Respectfully yours




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