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On February 1st, after the Spring Festival, we conducted a study of all members. At the beginning, the Teacher, Susan Duan, led us to meditate and taught us a set of holy methods of energy healing meditation to help us respond to the currently external environment epidemic (The novel coronavirus pneumonia (2019-nCoV) epidemic which started in China during the Spring Festival has been paid much attention all over the world. To protect everyone, the Teacher also instructed everyone to wear a face mask for the whole study). After the meditation, some students shared that they felt the whole body filled with warm fluid, and some felt that the lungs were purified. Everyone got stable and positive energy of both body and mind.


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Afterwards, the Teacher led us to discuss in groups in the form of workshop. Everyone enthusiastically shared, discussed and gave feedback in the groups that how they used what they have learned in the group classes, Dharma Assemblies, and Dharma lectures to their lives to help them solve problems in the past year, and the Teacher also personally provided guidance according to our discussing situation in each group.


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Therefore, in the whole afternoon, positive energy echoed lively and warmly in this space and everyone's mind. The first study of all members in the new year brought us a wonderful time during the tense epidemic period.


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(附註:本次全員研習更多相關照片,請至部落格相簿   http://pureclassroom.pixnet.net/album/set/16609024觀賞。)

(more photos of the study are at http://pureclassroom.pixnet.net/album/set/16609024 )



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