At every Friday night, the Association of Pure Buddhist (APB) regularly enables people to settle their mind and body and practice meditation in the APB study.


After going through hard working for one week, modern people like us can have such peaceful time and space at Friday nights to practice harmonizing the body and the mind under the blessing of the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha, how wondrous it is!


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GK小學教室重建工程011-1060425_01 學生於新建教室內合照




The charity fundraising for rebuilding classrooms for GK primary school in Nepal in May 2016 was not able to be accomplished because the application for setting up the Association of Pure Buddhist (APB) was in progress at that time. But our compassionate Teacher was not willing to delay the support of helping the children’s needs so that she faced with the dilemma and bore great pressure. On the one side, the Teacher had to protect the APB about to be set up so that she was reluctant not to open the merits for the students. On the other side, she wisely took flexible action to collect several kindhearted donors' and students' donations and transferred all the funds to the local school. Thank our Teacher's compassion and wisdom to make it best of both worlds--the wish of making the children of GK primary school have classrooms was accomplished and the legal procedure of our classroom's transformation was taken into account. And now the classroom rebuilding was completed, we would like to share this good news with everyone willing to contribute but not able to put in practice at that time last year.


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☛ 時間:民國 106 7 8 日(六) 下午1:30-5:00

☛ 地點:中華民國全國商業總會 會議室

台北市大安區復興南路一段390號6樓 (近捷運大安站 4號出口)

報名方式 (電話報名或線上報名皆可)

1. 電話報名0966-636-825 (聯絡人 何小姐/朱小姐)

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The 4th meeting of the first board of directors and supervisors of Association of Pure Buddhist was held successfully on May 21, 2017.  Attendees were our Teacher, teaching assistant, directors and supervisors.  We all rejoiced that Jenny Tai was the successor of one of the board members to accumulate merits with us together.

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106521日,中華清淨學佛協會舉行《地藏菩薩本願經》佛學講座第七講,恭請 授法老師 段貞夙居士 為大眾開講。講座當天適逢一年一度的國中會考,許多大德由於身為陪考家長不克前來,而與會眾人更加珍惜因緣俱足能聽經聞法的難得機會。


On the afternoon of May 21, 2017, Association of Pure Buddhist held Dharma Lecture Seven of Sutra of the Original Vows of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva and invited our teacher Susan Duan to give speech. Coincidentally, the lecture and the annual Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students took place on the same date, many people were unable to attend the lecture because of accompanying their children who were examinees, so the attendants were grateful that they were able to attend the Dharma lecture and cherished the rare opportunity.


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In the afternoon of May 6, 2017, it was breezy and pleasant, the much-anticipated fourth study for the students of all classes was finally coming!  When the Teacher Susan Duan told us that it would be an outdoor and practice study which would make us go out from our familiar classroom, and apply the methods which we had learned from the previous studies---“The way to eliminate the huge gaps between our impressions of things in mind and the reality---to resolve the endless troubles we made to our interpersonal relationship and daily life.”  Only when the methods of cultivating our heart are really used to the living environment, they are useful to resolve our vexation in daily life.  All of the students anticipated the content of this study excitedly.


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☛ 時間:民國 106  5 21 日(日) 下午1:30-5:00
☛ 地點:中華民國全國商業總會 會議室
390 號  樓 (近捷運大安站 號出口)

Dharma Lecture Information

Time:  May 21, 2017, Sunday, 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm

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Association of Pure Buddhist held Dharma Assembly of chanting The Amitabha Sutra for Tomb-Sweeping Festival on the afternoon of April 1, 2017. We were deeply thankful that our Teacher, Susan Duan, led us to chant “The Buddha Speaks of Amitabha Sutra” and prayed for sentient beings of six realms to gain rebirth in a Buddhist Pure Land, and leave from sufferings and attain true happiness.


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 "To clean the land by picking up trash, you can't only use your eyes to find it,

the most important thing is to have a conscious, concentrated and conscientious heart.

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